Manual pilot devices for heavy duty

Manual pilot devices for heavy duty

A range of product designed for extreme conditions. Developed for all kind of evironment with slots of temperature between -40°C ~ +70°C.

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Patented two-way C7 connector

Lighting system for electrical cabinets

A new, fast, safe modular system. Patented two-way C7 connector.

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new push button line diameter 22

New Elfin presents the new push button line diameter 22, the "e" series.
"E" for ergonomics , designed to guarantee the best usability in every condition.
"E" for elegance , due to a modern and stylish design.

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Practical user-friendly Stand

New Elfin widens its range of aluminium enclosures with a new series of versatile stand push-button panels.

The range comprises three different formats to offer an ample range in terms of assortment and configurations.

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flashing apparatus new elfin

New Elfin in the continuous improvements of its product range, is introducing a new and technically evolved flashing apparatus that visually signals the presence of voltage on the three input phases of electric panels.

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The new range of flush panel pushbutton switches

The new range of flush panel pushbutton switches is ideal for manufacturing command and control panels where the layout integrates both functionality and ergonomic needs, optimising man-machine dialogue.

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light bulbs for power panels

New Elfin has designed a new range of energy saving light bulbs for power panels.

The light source is fitted with a large number of LEDS. They give the light bulb outstanding efficiency, reducing consumption by up to 90%.

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